Pay as You Throw Program

It's Economically Sustainable.
Pay-as-you-throw is an effective tool for communities struggling to cope with soaring MSW management costs.

Well-designed programs enable communities to generate the revenues they need to cover all MSW program costs, including the costs of such complementary programs as recycling and composting.

Residents benefit, too. Communities with pay-as-you-throw have told EPA that residents often welcome the opportunity to take control of their trash bill.

It's Environmentally Sustainable.
Because of the incentive it provides residents to put less waste at the curb, communities with programs in place have reported significant increases in recycling and reductions in waste amounts ranging from 25 to 45 percent, on average. Less waste and more recycling means that fewer natural resources need to be extracted.

It's Fair.
Communities also have told us that the most important advantage of all may be the fairness pay-as-you-throw offers to community residents.

When the cost of managing trash is hidden in taxes, or charged at a flat rate, residents who recycle and prevent waste end up subsidizing their neighbors' wastefulness. Under this kind of program, residents pay only for what they throw away.

If you would like to order a Pay-As-You-Throw Tool Kit or request further information about pay-as-you-throw programs, please call the Pay-As-You-Throw Help line toll-free at 1-888-EPA-PAYT
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